Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fish Card's your Birthday Cod !
(plastic fish toy)

Buddha Card

...and forget about the present.
I didn't get you one.
(Chinese coin)

Salt Card

...this, of course, goes better with a cold margarita.
(salt packet)

Origami Card

...enjoy your next chapter.
Happy Birthday
(folded book page)

Baby Card how was it ?
(plastic baby toy)

Toast Card

(small piece of toast)

Beedie Card stuff you're not supposed to!
(Indian cigarette)

Dirt Card

Happy Birthday!
(bag of dirt)

Chocolate Card'd be the one everybody searches through the whole box to find.
(chocolate chips)

Wine Glass Card

...when to stop listening. when to talk, when to stop talking. when to pour wine, when to stop pouring wine and just hand over the bottle.
(painted wine glass)

Shoe Card

...we're quite a pair !
(two Barbie shoes)

Mexican Card

-blank inside-
(vintage latin figure)

Raisin Card many raisins to love you.

Matchbook Card perfect match.
(vintage matchbook)

Google Card

...have eyes for you.
(google eyes)

Candle Card

....wish BIG !